Australian Travel Ideas? This is the book for you!

Hello Sweets,

So, on my recent trip to Queensland (the trip in my ‘Road Trip’ video) my dear friend Hannah took me to one of her favourite book stores.

Fact about me! I am a huge book worm. I love reading, in the right mood I can read 3 or 4 books a week. If I have a lot of time off, I am known to read a book a day, even staying wake all night to get to the end of that amazing story. Then, when I finish a great book series, I get withdrawals! I know, its sad.  And you want to know what I love reading the most… paranormal romance, haha!

So my iPad is chock-block full of ebooks. which is perfect for all my travelling. Its great for train, plane, bus and car trips.

However I also love travel books with lots of pictures. They give me great ideas of what to see and do on my adventures. There is nothing better than seeing a picture of a new place I’m yet to explore and knowing in that moment, that one day I WILL go there. I am also looking for the next place to see in my home country and what places I can see that are close to my neighbourhood. So while in the book shop I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase a travel book on Australia.

Book cover

Catriona’s Australia by Catriona Rowntree

Now I grew up watching Getaway and seeing Catriona on the show, so when I saw it was her book I had to get it! Catriona is a professional traveller and someone I aspire to  be. I have to say I really enjoyed this book. Why? The pictures of course! I am a sucker for anything pretty and the places in this book look so pretty they jump at you.


There are so many place in this book that I didn’t even think to explore, some that are only a few hours from where I live.  The pages are inviting and each place has tips on what to do in different locations so you never get bored. This book is great if you are short on time and want a cheap, quick break away.

The book is divided into the different Australian states and in the seasons.  So say you live in Melbourne and want to visit some where close to home, you just look up the location, weather and what activities you are interested in and done! You’re on the road to your next adventure.


I know I will be exploring the locations in this book! Joel and I shall attempt to see as many as we can and I’ll blog about them. Who knows, maybe you will like them and want to see them too.  The book also has some travel trips and tricks if you’re ever stuck.

If you think you want a copy you can buy this book from online store like:

Or see Catriona’s site:

The book shop that I went to was:

They had so many books you could barely walk the aisles, heaven for a book worm like me:)


Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions.  If you like what you’re reading please share my site so others can enjoy too. Many thanks and kisses.

Also Happy Mother’s Day to all those beautiful mothers that are the rays of sunshine in children’s lives!

I’ll see you soon, sweets.



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