Hot, Coat, Beanie, Gloves… Wait, What?

Ahhhh packing…

Enough said, right?

Right now its autumn in Aussie and starting to really get cold, well by my standards cold haha. Just look at those trees, aren’t they beautiful. I love the colour red, seeing this amazing colour outside my window every morning makes the cold a little more bearable or curling up with a book and blanket in the afternoon sun, surrounded by the red/orange leaves. The best.


However, this calm, sweetness of weather causes issues for me when it comes to packing… For what you ask? China, of course!

Yes, Joel and I shall be off to China in just a few weeks and yes, I will be blogging madly about it. But we will have just hit winter here (winter is coming…) and it will be just on summer in China!

This happens to me a lot, I go from the middle of one season to the complete opposite almost every time I travel, which causes havoc on my packing abilities. I seem to find myself thinking, oh II’ll just take a tunic just in case I get cold because I feel cold right now, oh maybe this sweater, and I won’t forget the trench coat. Meanwhile, I go into the middle of a Mexican summer! Or that time when I went to Europe at Christmas and took summer dresses because my body had adjusted to 40’C temperatures!


I know, I travel a lot, I should have nailed this by now. But no, unfortunately whatever the weather happens to be at the time of packing, is how I seem to think it will be everywhere I go. Even after looking up the weather reports. I did think I nailed it one time on a trip to Samoa. I took summer dresses and light clothing for a tropical island. Then we had a stop over at the Zealand airport for 6 hours. In which case I had a light knit jumper on and the airport AC was full blast in the middle of the night! I awoke without feeling to most of my body parts. Which makes it terrible awkward when you attempt to walk to a bathroom and one foot is dead.

So my thoughts have turned to packing for China, does anyone have similar issues? How do you fix your impulsive packing? You would think I would be a gun at this.


I love my bow slippers 

Until tomorrow, Sweets.

H xx


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hannah says:

    I just take a few outfits that I can mix and match! So I may only take 3 pairs of pants and 3 tops but by mixing and matching I have atleast 9 different outfits!
    As for impulsive packing – you just gotta be tough on yourself!

    1. Tough on myself? I’ll try haha.

  2. Tara Jane says:

    I often pack twice. I do a “brainstorm pack” where I get out everything I need and lay it on the bed. Then I get ruthless and I put away at least half of the clothes I had out in the first place. But I’m also pretty bad, so I make sure I have money to buy clothes while I am there!

    1. Haha I shall try this method this time. It’s 33 degrees in China and I’m feeling the cold here, I’ve got to remember to put away the coats and jackets haha. Thanks Tara:)

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