Fashion Weekend Sydney, No Heels!

Something a little different on the travel side of things. Fashion!

If you love fashion, then let your inner fashionista out and have a look at what’s up at Fashion Weekend Sydney.



Meet Kellie my dear friend. 

The event was full of Australia’s top designs, stalls lined the hall with clothes, shoes and Jewellery. At the back was a floor to ceiling white, sheer curtain, behind it the runway.  While music with fast beats  greeted us, we wondered through the aisles in utter shopping bliss. Too bad I had a tight budget! If you ever find your self going to one of these things maybe save a wad of cash before hand. Never go on a tight budget, its agony. Alas, I did manage a few items, blue skirt by Canvas The Label , a black and white blazer by Otto Mode and a head piece (Sorry I forgot the designer).



We spend time shopping and getting some dinner. The variety was not great, maybe try a nice dinner earlier in the evening elsewhere.


It was finally time for the runway show, which I was most excited about, as the music pumped and models began doing their thing down the runway my excitement hammered up. This was the second catwalk I had seen in my life, the first I was too young to really appreciate. I have very picky tastes so I didn’t like a lot, but there was a few designers I feel in love with. Like Winston and Wofle, they had a lot of leather in their looks, I love leather… well fake leather. Not the real thing, sorry I don’t like wearing animals. But I really enjoyed the designs. It was just so nice to sit down, my feet were so sore from my shoes. I was in pain for most of the night haha. Don’t know how these models did it.


 Designer, Winston Wolfe


 Designer, Ixiah


Designer, Nicola Finetti



Designer, Bec And Bridge


Designer, Jamie Ashkar (I love orange, but I’m too pale to wear it)



Designer, Talulah


Kellie and I hit the veggie juice stall a number of times, I’m a bit of a juice junkie haha. I would defiantly recommend the apple, lemon, mint and pineapple, yummmm.


It was so much fun just being a real girl for the night. kellie got her hair done at the Blow Dry stall, she looked gorgeous when she was done. You could also get make overs, but I felt ‘done up’ enough so I didn’t try it out


Maybe I should start a second blog on beauty haha. Either way if you are in Sydney around this time of year and like fashion its something to check out. Just down wear heels! Gah! I know silly move but they were new, so I had to wear them, right! Its fashion weekend.

No, No, No… Don’t wear heels, my feet will never forgive me.


My chance on the runway (After the show)

Next I’ll hit Sydney Fashion week, lets see how that goes haha. I was never really into fashion and beauty, now I love it. My husband thinks I’m a loser and don’t need it, yes thats his kind of complement (Yes, he is joking Joel doesn’t really think I’m a loser haha. Fun fact about Joel and I, we are clowns, don’t take us seriously too much. If you think I’m joking I most likely am).

See you soon,

H xx


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