Top 20 World’s Best Adventure Vacations

I got to check these out!

Go Marula

Adventure vacations to rejuvenate yourself! Every once in a while you must have felt that the routine life is so boring that you seek out something that keeps you away from it at least for a while.

During the time of utter boredom, you always seek for some kind of adventure like underwater swimming, scuba diving, cliff diving, skiing, or visiting archaeological ruins or may be a trip in the outer space that rejuvenates you. Escape from your normal activities of television watching and countless bingo games, and trade it in for something a little less than ordinary.

Here is the list of top 20 all time adventure vacations that would surely enthrall you.

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  1. A great list, so much to see!

    1. I never thought about travelling to Transylvania, now I have to go!

      1. I thought the same thing…now I can’t get ot out of my head, full of creepy (but cool) history!

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