Want to see the world, but can never afford it… Here’s how!

I am always traveling and people always ask me how I can afford it.

Money Tin

My Europe Fund for 2014 – somewhere over $700 to date.

Well, its simple really, I save every penny! Yep, I am not joking. I once heard from a fellow traveller that if you save $3 a day, you will have $1095 in a year. That is plenty to get you on your way! $3 a day is easy right, I’m sure you have change in you wallet, purse or hand bag that you can add to the jar. I sure did. Its just a coffee a day, swap buying a coffee at work for taking a coffee from home or pack your lunch to work instead of buying it. Every time someone gives you your change back, when buying something put it in your jar when you get home.

I thought, well $3 a day can’t be hard, I started at $3 a day and progressed to $6 a day. Now I save every coin I have.  Every time I find lose change in goes in the jar. Every time I have a $5 note, in it goes. Doesn’t matter if its 5c, $50 or foreign currency  put it all in and you would be amazed how much you can save and you never even notice its gone!

So you want to travel? Start your penny saving! Go on get out there!


H xx


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