The Gift Of Unconditional Love


The hardest thing when travelling is leaving my fur babies. They don’t understand where you’re going or if you will be back, that look they get when my bag comes out and I start packing is heart breaking.
However, to see their excitement when I come home, only shows the depths of their love for me . To have the love they give me is the greatest privilege I know.


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  1. Suze says:

    cute! So who takes care of them while you’re gone?

  2. Either Joel’s parents or mine. Our families love pets, so they don’t mind. We make sure all food and things are fully stocked for the time we are gone.

  3. Amanda says:

    Even when I leave ours (fur babies, not the real kids… lol) for a day or two they look sad and then get super lovey and excited when we come home. Snow has gotten so big! that photo is gorgeous.

    1. Willow has been sooking for two days because she saw the bags haha. I love your kitty makes me want another one:)

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