How was your experience of Paris?

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Ok, so don’t get me wrong, Paris is stunning and romantic. However, I’m not sure I had the best first experience, or that I can say I’d ever go back.


Experiencing the Christmas spirit in Paris was meant to be festive and fun. I think it was better in London… Yes, I said it. I think London is better the Paris.

My first experience eating in Paris was filled with the loud clatter of the kitchen as well as the angry waiters yelling to one another in-between asking for our order in french and offering no help in english. We stumbled our way through it and managed to eat. It was not the food I excepted, actually the whole 3 days we were there I did not enjoy any of the food. Everything was over cooked or under cooked.  We did what we could to speak french but it was never enough. Taxi drivers lead us astray, our hostel was located near a rank smell, I could never get out of my nose. Lines were long to enter  every attraction (guess that is expected) and it was super cold!

Alright, I did enjoy a lot more then I say. Really I did, its Paris, how can you not, the art, architecture, sight see etc. It is beautiful, just not on top of my ‘must see again’ list. How about you? How was your experience? Better then mine?


Mont Saint-Michel was a stunning place in the northwest coast of France. Didn’t get great photos it was a few years back and I didn’t have a great camera.


And Out,

H xx


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  1. Paris (for me, anyway) is a bit of a wildcard one…it seems like you have two choices, take it easy and just enjoy the atmosphere it has and have a great time, or be horribly stressed with lines and transport so you can see all the sites and weirdly have a terrible time. There’s no in between, or at least there hasn’t been for me!

    1. Maybe I should attempt to relax next time.

      1. haha, yes! Although French waiters make it notoriously difficult to do so! haha 😉

      2. So true! I think every restaurant I went to the waiters were yelling. Is that just how they speak to each other? Haha

      3. Yes! They’re all about getting people in and out, that’s all that seems to matter!

  2. ELW Essence says:

    Every time I’m in Paris I fall in love with the city all over again!

    1. I’m glad you love Paris! Maybe next time I will too.

  3. megtraveling says:

    I had a wonderful time in Paris as well as Provence – I’m looking forward to going to France again!

    1. Good to hear. I think I might enjoy the Provence.

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