The Waters Of Belize

Ahhh, the beauty.

OK so the video looks a little grey and at sometimes it was. Mostly it seemed when we got the camera out! But it was a beautiful day and hot! The water was warm and the locals were all smiles. Joel however, not smiling so much, I’m mean how does he go from sailing and speed boats in Thailand to seasick in Mexico and Belize! I need to knock some sense into him. How will I ever get to sail around the Mediterranean with a seasick husband!

Now back to Belize, the waters are a marine reserve and the locals are very protective of the marine life, so no touching the turtles. You can try the sharks, I dare you…

We got a lucky day and heard news that there was a manatee swimming not to far from the boat. So we drove to the location and hoped in the water, what do you know, there was THREE manatees. Can you believe it?! No, well thats ok I got proof! Just watch here.

They were so mesmerising and majestic. The three faced each other as though talking in a mothers meeting, before one of them noticed us, a group of awkward, gawking humans, got curious and paddled its way toward us. He got about 6 feet away, stopped and gawked right back, barely moving a fin and paddled off without interest, the other two followed in a line. Wow, mind blown! No really, I was like a squawking 6 year old  once we were back on the boat. I had just share the ocean with such a rare creature. Not to mention the rest of the day, where we swam with sea turtles, sharks, rays and many, many fish. It was a wonderfully adventurous day.

In the afternoon we relaxed on the boat with cocktails and the setting sun. What a life. Have a look and see for yourself.

Stay tuned folks, I’m taking you to China in 2 days! The count down is on!


H xx



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