China Visa – For Those That Don’t Know

So for the next few weeks, maybe month, my blog will be all about China! To get the ball rolling I’ll start with the visa process. It’s a step to China you can NOT miss and one I never knew about so I thought I would pass on the knowledge.

Now, not all countries have to do this, but Aussies do. Yes, you need a visa even if you are only going for a short holiday. So what countries don’t need a visa? Well, just click here to find out.

This process is for a short 30 day tourism visa, for other visa processes go here. You want to start the visa process at least a month before your trip. It is quite easy really, you start by filling out the application form here. Click on Application Form, read the terms and conditions and click Agree. Click A to start the application and fill in your personal details. Don’t forget to have your passport with you and your travel itinerary, you will need them to fill out some details. Once you have finished you then have the option to print… Press Print. 

If you look at the top right hand corner of the application you will see it will have a spot for a photo. You will need to get a passport photo taken to stick to the photo spot… And sign the last page, don’t forget the date.

Now thats done, how do you get it to the visa centre? There are two ways; send it in the post or go in person to the visa centre. If you are short on time I would say try going to the centre in person. If you live too far from a centre, post it, but give yourself plenty of time. It could take a few weeks to get your visa. If urgent then there are express post and fast track options for an extra fee.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.53.15 pm

Depending on what visa you are applying for you maybe need to book an appointment, in our case we didn’t and where just able to turn up and submit our application. You need to take with you, your passport, travel documents and application form. You leave you passport with them. It then takes up to 4 days to process, you pick it up and pay on when you do. For price guides just click.

Annnd you are ready to go, enjoy China! I know I will.

See you in China,


H xx



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