The Summer Palace, Beijing

I find it incredible when I walk in a place so old and beautiful, knowing I am sharing the same experience that the people that built it had. It blows my mind how I’m walking in the same footsteps of ancient people or people from centuries ago.

My mind goes crazy with images of how they once lived, how they bonded as a culture and how if I were to go back in time what would they think of me. I would most likely get myself killed!


It always feels ethereal and exhilarating, but I get a sense of mystery every time I think of the past. This sense engulfs me and only makes me crave more knowledge of the culture. Of the people and how these wonderful places we visit, as tourist, looked full of the thriving population it was build for.

Then I look at the modern culture, the people of today and wonder how they became that way, from the flourishing culture that built these civilization to now. Not that I have a negative view towards them, I just find that the world of today has no excitement, no mystery, a lack of imagination. Our world is science and questions that have concrete answers. Our ideas of other worlds and gods, has been dulled by rational minds giving us proof otherwise. Maybe I am built for a past time.



H xx



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