Temple Of Heaven, Beijing, China

The Temple Of Heaven was a beautiful place to go. To be honest it was one of the cleanest sights I went to, also very bare in comparison to other temples and palaces we saw. The arch ways were big and the walk through each, long. The stone tiles were floor-less in colour and design, considering there age. It was quite peaceful despite the other tourist and school groups. A nice breeze, cooled our skin from the harsh sun, and created a blissful walk through the gardens on the right side of the temple grounds.


As one of our first stops, we were blown away by the beauty of the temples architecture, the symmetry of the layout, the rings of each tower, each with its own purpose. You could almost see the people performing ceremonies for their harvests.


Looking back now I think I realise that although it was amazing to see, the Temple Of Heaven pales in comparison to the many places we saw after. Yet I am glad to have seen the beauty of this place first so I could appreciate it for what is was, without the knowledge of finer temples and palaces.





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