Eastern V’s Western


Wedding’s, full of stunning dress, flowers, love, family and food…and an empty bank account.

In the west we spend all of our money on the one day we would remember for the rest of our lives. One day where everything will either go wonderfully or horribly wrong. All for the price of an arm, leg, both your eyes and even both kidneys. For one day!

Yet in the East they celebrate for days, the family get on bored and its a gathering for a time rather then a day. They have photo shoots  and different outfits, okay sure, it still costs way too much. But why change all those beautiful, traditional wedding customs for the western way? Maybe I’ll never know, but I love the red outfit anyway.


H xx


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  1. Geraint Isitt says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of attending a Saudi wedding, which has the men and women separated in different venues, and an Indian one that lasted 4 days and contained hundreds of people and even more colours. Just awesome.

      1. Geraint Isitt says:

        Each was beautiful in its own way. I worked as a banquet waiter as well and served at some massive weddings. The stories I could tell.

      2. I wish weddings were like that in Australia. They are so short and boring here. Its all about the dress and makeup. I love that weddings are about love and family in other cultures. You should tell some of those stories.

      3. Geraint Isitt says:

        I might tell some of the stories. I need to figure out how to get my posts into the categories I created for them first. I might need to pay for an upgrade I guess.

      4. Haha I could try and help you with that, but I am just as hopeless and pretty new to the blogging thing. I am slowly working things out myself.

      5. Geraint Isitt says:

        I think the theme I chose might not let me do it. I’m not sure. I chose a free theme. I don’t really want to waste that much time searching for another theme. Although I think if you pay you can totally customize things.

      6. I picked the theme given to me when I signed up haha. Easy that way. I might pay later right now I’m happy. I added categories and things with the customise button and widgets. Maybe that may help you.

      7. Geraint Isitt says:

        It just seems like a lot of work. I’ll look into it though. Thanks for the advice

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