Simple Things To Do In Shanghai

Short on time and money? Try these things in Shanghai. I did and I loved them. Shanghai is definitely my favourite city in China.

  • Take a walk through the park. There are a lot of parks in Shanghai, all so beautiful and relaxing.


  • Go shopping!There are plenty of shopping streets and malls in Shanghai, if you have the money. If not just go for the experience. We went to Yuyuan Tourist Mart, it had beautiful buildings and gardens to look at, and a nice tea house.


  • Stroll along The Bund with your camera. One side there is the river and impressive skyscrapers, the other side is European style buildings. Lots of great snaps to shoot.



  • Take a ferry to the other side of The Bund, when you get there grab an ice cream. The ferry is so cheap! I love being on the water, so this is always fun for me. And the ice cream, well who doesn’t like ice cream.



  • See the Oriental Pearl Tower, head up to the observation deck and walk out on the glass floor if you dare! Ok, can get pricey, but its the best part of the city in my books. You can spend hours pondering the ground below.




  • Try karaoke like the Chinese do. Don’t be scared its wicked fun!

There is many more things to do in Shanghai this is less then a fraction, so go on get out there.

H xx






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  1. Geraint Isitt says:

    Another awesome post. Here in Dubai, down at the creek where all the markets are, you can take a traditional dhow across to the other side for 1 dirham (about 30 US cents). A great way to spend an afternoon and the cost, as you can see, is cheap. Lot’s of little restaurants and cafes that don’t cost much either.

  2. So what is Dubai like? I have had a few quick stop-overs in Dubai, but have never left the airport. I have heard good and bad. Is it worth a longer stop-over to see the city etc.?

  3. alinaceusan says:

    I heard Shanghai is amazing! 😀

    1. It was, I wish I could go back. My favourite city, for sure!

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