Fun in Shanghai

In the short time I got to spend in Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower was the high light. Why you ask? Well purely because Joel and I had a lot of crazy, hilarious fun! That is the whole point of travel is it not? Even if it is a sight that might not be too interesting to you, I guess its all about how fun you can make it. This is what we came up with…


My shots didn’t turn out so good, sorry people you get Joel’s funny face.

Now now, the tower can range in price depending on what level you want to get to and if you are on a budget getting to the very very top might not be an option. The 360 glass floor was fun enough for us and I’m sure you would love it! As you walk out there it is really just a sheet of glass between you and a mighty long fall to the ground. Arhhh! Yeah, try NOT to think about that to much…

One poor guy was so afraid to walk out Joel and I had to take photos for him. To which he show his gratitude by continually taking photos of Joel with him and his girlfriend.


The sun was setting and the air looked smoggy, after a while the view bored me as the smog covered the city’s view. But when the sun went down and the city lights came on, it took my breath away. There was so much colour, every building was so bight and happy. It only made us stay longer and take in more of what this city had to offer. I also love the colour purple!


This has to be a top recommendation for me. Even if some people are thinking ‘Meh, its just a tower’, this tower has more then a view. There is a revolving restaurant, so you can dine looking at every view and angle of the city. Or if you need more fun times, try the arcade full of games for all the gamers out there.



For me just cruising around the city on foot was peaceful and relaxing, despite the amount of people. I love Shanghai.

So tell me, on my next trip to Shanghai what should I do? Does any one have any ideas they want to share with me?


H xx


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  1. Amy says:

    Beautiful captures! The two big buildings side-by-side is amazing!

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