The Weird and Wacky Chinese Food!

Before I went to China I had heard the horror stories, I’m sure many of you have. So my expectations of the food in China wasn’t great. I was convinced that I would starve the whole trip, due to the fact they were sure to serve me dog or cat or even… Spider! I hear you can do that in Cambodia. I must say I’m adventurous, but not when it comes to the things I put in my body.

So I was quite surprised when I got there, placed my first order at the hotel restaurant and got an amazing meal. It was heaven in my asian food loving mouth.


Egg and tomato noodles. Y.U.M. Great if you are vegetarian.


Beef noodles in soup, a must try and so good. Great if your not adventurous with your food.


I’m sure you can get dumplings in many countries, but its always nice to try them in its origin country.


Shredded potato stack. Be prepared to have your mouth burnt out, so many chillies. If you like it hot, give this a try!


Egg and noodles in a gravy sause. Again one for the least adventurous and tasty.

With that I do need to add the yuk stuff, Joel and I got lucky in the fact that were didn’t have to see much weird foods. But behold…Duck Tongues!

Franky I don’t understand why you would eat duck tongues. They smell terrible! I thankfully did not eat one, but had the pleasure of filming Joel eat one. To which he said “was chewy and had no flavour”, see why bother. I’m sure there are many of you, right now, drooling for a chance to try this meal and by all means have the time of you life.


Now as for snakes and lizards I don’t know how far the Chinese really go in terms of eating them. A guy Joel and I were travelling with had drunk snakes blood earlier in the trip, the next day he had felt ill. These guys we found in a restaurant, I didn’t really want to get to far into detail. Anyone eaten snakes in China?


Either way I tried many foods in China and am happy I did. I found some amazing treasures and food ideas I can now add to my home cooking. Has anyone had a weird food experience while travelling? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear some stories.

H xx




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  1. Geraint Isitt says:

    I’ve eaten Mopane worms in Zimbabwe and all sorts of insects in Thailand. I tried to eat a deep fried tarantula in Thailand but could only chew the legs off the thing.

    1. Ahaha I love your bravery, but yuck worms! I heard tarantula’s taste like chicken haha.

      1. Geraint Isitt says:

        The legs were just crispy. The body looked too fat and chewy/gooey so I gave it a miss.

  2. I’ve had the snake wine in Vietnam..was vile! I’d definatly like to try the ducks tongue, dont know if Id eat a whole plate though!

    1. Trust you to want to eat one. Funny man.

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