What’s on your Bucket list and why?

Working in the travel industry I am always surprised at the things people want included in their holidays. Everyone has a Bucket List and each one is so unique and exciting. Some are all about the location, some the hotel, some just have a burning need to see a certain country or sight. Some people don’t even care where they go, they just need to get out. People travel for love, work, family, food, history, culture, parties – the list is endless. Every now and then I get really odd reasons for people traveling and every single time my curiosity spikes and I want to know more and why. The perks of my job is normally I get to find out those answers from my clients… Okay whoa! Now that sounds super nerdy. Ha! Oh well I’m a travel geek what can I say.

As for me, I’ll admit, I’ve been on many spontaneous trips. Like moving to LA in my first year of marriage, leaving my poor husband behind, to pursue an acting dream, which has since been shelved thanks to my new love of traveling. What was I thinking! Thankfully due to getting very sick and using finances as an excuse, I moved back home.

Or the time my favourite band were touring Europe, knowing they would most likely never tour in Australia, being a Dutch metal band, I decided I would go to them! So I planned a holiday to Europe to see them play and hang out in a bar with them, $15,000 later I just have to say Best. Night. Ever! Talk about fan commitment! Yes, I am slightly obsessed with this band haha. Meanwhile a year later they did end up touring Australia…Oops.

Or when Joel spent 5 years telling me he wanted to go to China, so I planned a trip to China, got there and he realised it was actually Japan he wanted to see! Dude, get your countries right! I had so many other countries higher on my bucket list. But hey, China turned out to be a great experience so I’m not complaining.

Whatever the reason we travel, it always comes from the heart. Every adventure turns into a great new experience. So what is it that makes you travel? Is it different every time? Why a certain country over another? Are you a backpacker diving in to the culture? Or do you have a thing for fancy hotels? What is on top of your bucket list? Tell me, I’d love to here what others think:)

My Bucket List (top 10)

Scotland -Scotland because the current book series I am reading is based in medieval Scotland. Lame, right!

Germany– Because I want to go castle hunting! I’ll say it, I’m a bit of a princess. This will be my second time in Germany.

Peru – I have this weird image of me, dressed like a hippy and trekking Machu Picchu with a walking stick…umm?

Transylvania – I really want to see Dracula’s castle! Yes, I like vampires like every other girl that watched Twilight, although Edward doesn’t cut it for me…Dracula however is way cooler!

Iceland – Blue Lagoon, yes please.

Dubai – I want to stay at the underwater hotel.  I love the ocean, always have. The Little Mermaid was my favourite movie growing up and I still wish I was a mermaid.

Greece – I love Greek mythology and am in love with Hades. If I have a daughter I wish to call her Persephone:) Don’t know how Joel feels about that one.

Finland – I want to ride a dog sled under the northern lights. I also know the metal music there is awesome!

Zimbabwe – I want to meet the little boy I sponsor. He is just adorable and his name is Milton.

USA – New Orleans, baby! Also another book reference haha.

How about you, what’s your reasons?


H xx


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Geraint Isitt says:

    I really want to photograph tigers in India and jaguars in the Pantanal in Brazil. As for specific countries and places, Iceland ranks high on my list of places to see. And I’ve never been to Australia.

    1. The tigers would be amazing to see! Australia is pretty awesome lots of natural wonders to see and great beaches. I always find things close to where I live that I never knew existed.

      1. Suze says:

        “I always find things close to where I live that I never knew existed.” So, so true!!! 🙂

  2. Suze says:

    The Neuschwanstein castle in Germany is so beautiful, I have probably seen it about 20 times now. 😀 I always come back 🙂 Romania is quite a wonderful country too (put the politics aside!). My biggest dreams are seeing Antarctica and South America and touring the Nationalparks in the States and Canada. ❤ Thanks for sharing your list!

    1. Oh yes, the Neuschwanstein castle is my favourite. I have some amazing memories there, I can not wait to go back. Antarctica sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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