Kool Korea

The Journey Begins Finally we got on the plane and headed to our first destination, South Korea. Just a quick stopover to break up the flight and quick it was! I never thought I would ever go to South Korea but I’m always open to new things and I figured why not… Our flights to…

The Getting Closer Travel Tip

Write a check list when packing or get one online. You would think with all the trips I have taken i’d know that by now. First time using a check list and wow do I feel so much more organised! Joel is still trying to make me ‘wing it’ when packing. So let’s vote…who ‘wings…

Travel Tip

When travelling to a cold destination, remember to take a Chapstick, lip balm or whatever you call it. Also maybe hand moisturiser, the weather can be harsh on the skin if you’re like me and are used to hot climates.

Today’s Travel Tip

Always read your insurance policy! If you are going on a winter holiday does your insurance cover snowboarding and ski? Or what standard of hospital is covered, local or your country’s standard? Never assume and never travel without travel insurance. 5days on my count down.

8 Day Count Down

Not long now until I’m on my journey through time. To pass the time I will share some of my travel tips each day. 1. Always pack to your minimum baggage weight. Especially when you take internal/domestic flights, be careful to check the weight limits. Your long haul flights might say 30kgs, but your internal…