Kool Korea

The Journey Begins


Finally we got on the plane and headed to our first destination, South Korea. Just a quick stopover to break up the flight and quick it was! I never thought I would ever go to South Korea but I’m always open to new things and I figured why not…

Our flights to London were with Korean Air so the stopover was included in the price. Always a bonus. The accommodation, transfers, dinner and breakfast were all included in the air fare. I highly recommend this if you are on a budget, want a break flying or just want to experience something different on your trip.

The hotel was not actually in Seoul so we didn’t get to see the city. We stayed in Inchon, a city on the port and docks. I have to say by that point I didn’t care where I was I just needed sleep. We got diner in the restaurant which offered a buffet, with many different kinds of Korean food. We were impressed with the variety, there was a lot of seafood. Not my thing but if you’re the seafood type you will love it.

Breakfast was a mix of western and eastern food, after Joel and I finally got a chance to explore the out doors. I was not prepare for how cold it would be, going from 40 degrees Celsius to minus 2 was a big shock to the system. In the hour we got, before we had to get the transfer back to the airport, we explored the streets.


The morning was quiet and calm, snow lined the streets and a strange mix of traditional and modern buildings surrounded us. It was a nice insight into the way they lived but I’m sure with more time I would have been able to see more and understand them better.

How they freeze their seafood, leave it out over night.


Memorial wall

H xx


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