The Sisterhood of the Travelling Book

When my best friend moved away to another state I thought it was the end for us. Its hard keeping friendships alive with so much distances between you. Yet it only made us stronger, how? I have no idea but I’m not questioning it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.56.35 pm

Austria, Zell Am See 

Hannah and I, although very different to each other, share a love for travel, exploring, reading and writing-among other things. But it was these loves that brought us together. Her moving to sunny Sunshine Coast in Queensland only gave me an excuse to travel to see her (because I can always use more excuses to travel, ha) and the more I did the closer we became. It was our love for writing that created The Traveling Book. Both avid writers, we missed the art (or skill) of hand writing, so began our book.



At the time Hannah and I sent gifts or letters to one another and the book became another outlet for us to write about our adventures. I was headed to Europe for the first time and thought I would take the book with me and write about my experiences. Almost 4 years later and we have come to its last page. Full of memories, secrets and travel tales, this book has seen many countries, many sights and had many pages ripped or stained with the food of the world. Lugging this thing around was always a challenge  (where is it gonna fit? My backpack is already over the limit. Joel can you take it?)

Many times poor Hannah had to wait on me as I kept it for months at a time, always forgetting to send it back. Don’t worry! She got her revenge. Sometimes the book was sent with nothing of interest or with a cut and paste job for our travel dreams, this was mostly me. Other times a moving tale about the people of South Africa.

As our friendship  grew so did our travel, although we could not travel together all the time, there were some amazing adventures together, exploring castles and stacking it on the slopes.


Books old and new

As we end this book we make way for a new one. With new places to travel too and stories to write. For us it keeps our friendship alive and our writing ability…well I can’t say all the hand writing was readable, but a tradition we will up hold as I take our new book (and smaller model, haha) to Canada and the USA.


Italian sunset 



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