Skin Walkers and Rainbows

A hight light of my North American trip for me was when we had the opportunity to stay with the Navajo in Monument Valley. Now some might think I’m crazy…ha, maybe I am. But I think Monument Valley was better then the Grand Canyon. There I said it! Feel free to disagree. Not to say The Grand Canyon wasn’t impressive. By golly, thats a given! But I feel my experience at Monument Valley was heighten in comparison. Ha, look at me…all about the feels today!


Waiting for the rain to clear


Morning light 

While we waited for the tour to begin the weather played tricks on us, leaving us wet, cold and (for me) hungry. I gave up on the rain coat and just let it be even knowing for the next 24 hours, on the Navajo lands, I was not getting a shower. As normal Joel and I got camera happy, and we were not disappointed as the rains cleared to give us the most amazing view of the mitts and the valley. A stunning rainbow became our background and a beautiful little stray dog moseyed on over. He reminded me of my baby back at home and the feelings of home and wonder mixed made it a special experience.




Lets call him Red

Later, as we roughed it out in a jeep, we headed to the Hogan’s, traditional huts we would be sleeping in. After witnessing the dances  of the Navajo by the fire we were told of the skin walkers. Close to Halloween and our groups love of a good scary story, we settled in our Hogan for the night laughing over fellow travellers being take by skin walkers in the night.


A Hogan, very warm on the inside 

Suddenly, the door to the Hogan flew open in the wind and a neighbourhood cat came running in for dear life, half frozen from the wind. Grown men actually screamed! Freaking out over a little cat and calling it a skin walker. The best! Once we calmed our farm and got the courage to turn out the lights, we realised the kitty just wanted a warm place to sleep and for a few hours that was my legs, purring and cuddled up we all slept soundly. Another moment when I was reminded of my (other) baby at home, who loves sleeping with me. Even in another hemisphere kitties still need a little cuddled at night, even one that looks like they might steal your soul, Mawahahaha.


Our tour friends


The Navajo


Although we missed the sunrise, the next morning,  due to too much cloud the experience was still unforgettable. Now I can say I have camped out with the native America’s in the middle of the dessert. Oh my dads gonna be so jealous!

_53A0638 2


H xx

(All photo’s by Steel Gate Picture)


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