Wonderlust or Homesick?

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It’s always that horrible feeling when you have made it home, caught up with family and friends, than settle back into the home vibe. Thats when it hits. The excitement of being home again wears off and you’re stuck with, what I like to call PTD. Post Travel Depression. You reminisce, post #takemeback photos on Instagram, pile up on travel brochures you all ready have, research your next trip to book and even contemplate becoming a tour guide just so you never have to stop travelling…or is it just me? Yeah? No?

Ahh moving on!


I’ll do anything I can to get the next adventure in my grasp. However, I do get the longing of home in some moments. Reminders of family growing without you or a Facebook tail of cheeky pets up to no good, you have left behind with family. It’s a strange mix of emotions,  one I seem to battle with every trip. Yet I can’t stop jet setting! It’s a dangerous addiction for my future and funds. So while I suffer the agony of getting back to reality I shall endeavour to share my travel tales. A task I have sadly neglected in the past year.

The struggle is real!


H xx

(All photos by Steel Gate Pictures)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hannah says:

    In between trips you should flood you blog! There are so many of your trips we still know nothing about!!!

    1. Yes, you are right Hannah Banana!

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